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Orbital, a N-Body Gravitation simulator
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Orbital, a N-Body Gravitation simulator

It was the Indian Space Agency’s Chandrayaan-2 mission that another time picked up my interest: If you have seen their impressive trans moon injection-manoeuvres you get the idea how impressive and interesting such mission-planning can be.

done so far

  • Implement simple Newton-laws, Euler method
  • N-Bodies: Rocket should rotate around Moon, Moon should rotate around Earth, Earth should rotate around Sun

in progress

  • Implement correct Runge-Kutta 4th order
  • Implement simple UI “Cockpit” for zoom & focus-control, visualise interesting data like individual distances, polar-coordinates -> in progress
  • Put mission- & object-data from source-code to external JSON-format config-file
  • Visualise several interesting cases, eg. Chandrayaan-2, Apollo 13, Voyager 1/2, …

backlog/nice to have

  • connect to NASA Horizons-data :-)


Orbital Earth around Sun

Orbital Rocket around Earth

out of scope

NASA and other space-agencies have their own useful and more precise tools like GMAT. Hence, it makes no sense to replace their tools.

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