PhD thesis on recycling Krylov subspace methods including all experiments
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Recycling Krylov subspace methods: analysis and applications (PhD thesis)

This repository contains the PhD thesis Recycling Krylov subspace methods: analysis and applications written by André Gaul and provides the source code for all experiments as well as for the thesis itself.

PhD thesis (pdf and LaTeX source code)

The thesis is available as a pdf (mirror). Its LaTeX source code can be found in the directory tex-src.

License: the pdf and the LaTeX source code in the directory tex-src of the PhD thesis are licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Experiments (Python source code)

All experiments in the thesis can be reproduced easily with the Python source code in the directory experiments of this repository. The experiments require the following Python packages:

Data files: the meshes and initial data for the experiments with PyNosh can be found here: DOI. The files should be placed in the directory experiments.

License: the files in the directory experiments are licensed under the MIT license.