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open Lwt
open Printf
open Ipc
open Release_util
let slave_connections = ref None
let ipc_handler fd =
let handler req =
let s = SlaveIpcOps.string_of_request req in
lwt () = Lwt_log.notice_f "got request: %s" s in
match req with
| SlaveIpcOps.Req1 pid -> return (SlaveIpcOps.Resp1 pid)
| SlaveIpcOps.Req2 pid -> return (SlaveIpcOps.Resp2 pid) in
SlaveIpc.handle_request fd handler
let control_connection_handler fd =
let handler req =
match req with
| ControlIpcOps.Req s ->
lwt () = Lwt_log.notice_f "got control request: %s" s in
return (ControlIpcOps.response_of_string (String.uppercase s))
| ControlIpcOps.Broadcast s ->
let get_conns = Option.some !slave_connections in
let slave_conns = get_conns () in
lwt () = Lwt_list.iter_p
(fun (_, fd) -> SlaveIpc.write_response fd (SlaveIpcOps.Broadcast s))
slave_conns in
return (ControlIpcOps.Broadcast_sent) in
ControlIpc.handle_request ~timeout:5. fd handler
let lwt_ignore _ = return_unit
let store_slave_connections get_conns =
slave_connections := Some (get_conns);
let () =
let slave_exec = sprintf "%s/_build/lib_test/slave.native" (Unix.getcwd ()) in
let helper_exec = sprintf "%s/_build/lib_test/helper.native" (Unix.getcwd ()) in
~lock_file:(sprintf "/var/run/" (Filename.basename Sys.argv.(0)))
~control:("/tmp/master.socket", control_connection_handler)
~slaves:[ slave_exec, ipc_handler, 1
; helper_exec, lwt_ignore, 1 ]
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