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Middleman + ClojureScript

A starter project using Middleman, Shadow-CLJS, and Clojurescript - Rum

Original post from Bob Nadler This project uses shadow-cljs to compile the Clojurescript via Middleman's external pipeline function.

What's inside

Getting started

1. Clone the repo

git clone

2. Install dependencies

bundle install

and then...

npm install

3. Start it up

middleman server

4. Preview

Project will be running here localhost:4567


5. Deploy to Heroku

Let's get this project deployed to heroku. I'm going to assume you have some experience with heroku. If not, take a look at their docs for official instruction. I'm not a pro in this area.

Create the project on Heroku

heroku create MY_PROJECT

Deploy to Heroku

git push heroku master
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