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IdeaBroker – Idea Management and Trading

###Project #2 - Development of a Web-Based Idea Stock Trading Application

Objectives of the project:

  1. Develop a web interface for the IdeaBroker application;
  2. Integrate the web front-end with the previous version of the application
  3. Master the following technologies: Servlets, JSPs, JavaBeans;
  4. Create applications following the MVC pattern;
  5. Learn how to use WebSockets to asynchronously communicate from the server to the client;
  6. Integrate your application with 3rd party REST service providers.


In the second stage of this project, you will create a new web frontend for your application. This will allow users to access your application from almost any internet-connected device on the planet, without the need to install specific client software. Since interoperability is a very important requirement, users on the web should have access to the same information as users on the desktop application. In order to achieve this, your web application will connected to the DataServer previously developed, using JavaRMI.

Users should have the same capabilities, regardless of the interface they use. So your web application should provide ways to create, edit and delete topics and ideas, as well as an option to change the selling price and a possibility to buy shares.

You should also make use of WebSockets to instantly update relevant informa-tion. Firstly, users should be instantly notified of any trading that envolves them (for instance, someone has just bought shares from them). Secondly, the


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