Intellij plugin to quickly transform a JavaScript test block from describe() to ddescribe() and a test it() into iit()
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The ddescriber for Jasmine is an idea plug-in to simplify unit testing in Jasmine.

See a how-to video here:

New (April 2nd, 2015). Added support for Jasmine 2 and 1.

  • Version 3.0 now it supports fit and fdescribe for Jasmine 2.
  • The old support for iit and ddescribe still works. Just make sure you click on the checkbox after launching the dialog.

With the plugin you can quickly change a describe() into a fdescribe() / ddescribe() / xdescribe() and an it() into a fit() / iit() / xit() to make your test runner, such as Karma or JSTD, run a specific set of suites (describe()) and unit tests (it()).

You can launch the dialog by pressing Ctrl SHIFT D (Command Shift D on a Mac).

The dialog has the following features:

Change a single describe() or it() by hitting Enter or clicking on the OK button.

  • Start typing to search the list.
  • Hit Enter on the currently selected test or suite to transform it / revert it into and fit() / iit() and fdescribe() / ddescribe()
  • Click Clean file (Alt C) to clean all the fdescribe() / ddescribe() / xdescribe() and fit() / iit() / xit() in the current file.
  • Click Exclude (Alt X) to exclude a suite xdescribe() or unit test xit()
  • Click include (Alt I) to include a suite fdescribe() / ddescribe() or unit test fit() / iit()
  • Click Go (Alt G) to jump to the currently selected test.