Compass and Sass port of Nathan Smith's Formalize project
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Compass Formalize

This is an extension for Compass for Formalize, Nathan Smith's excellent HTML Form stylesheet project.


Install the extension via Ruby Gems:

gem install compass_formalize

If you're starting from scratch, create your Compass project:

compass create my-project -r compass_formalize

If you're adding the library to an existing project, add the following to your config.rb file:

require 'compass_formalize'

To apply the Formalize pattern, run one of the following, depending on your JavaScript framework taste:

compass install formalize/dojo
compass install formalize/extjs
compass install formalize/jquery
compass install formalize/mootools
compass install formalize/prototype
compass install formalize/yui

After following the provided instructions, we need to tell Compass to use relative paths so that all our resources load correctly. In config.rb, we uncomment the following line:

relative_assets = true

And we're all set!


Licensed under MIT/GPL.

GPL license:

MIT license: