Used to monitor bandwidth use, specialy for a router using OpenWRT.
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Used to monitor bandwidth use, specially for a router using OpenWRT.


  • Lua


Place stats-saver.lua in a folder in your CGI folder. In my OpenWRT it is /www/cgi-bin/stats/. I recommend to rename the file to index.html so it will run when you open http://<your-router-ip>/cgi-bin/stats The script also needs permission to execute, like with chmod 655 index.html. It's important to place the script in a new folder (like the stats I'm using) because it will create files there.


If you want to monitor the br-lan interface, it should find it automatically. If not, you may need to add your interface name in the possible_interfaces array, in the beginning of the source file.

The QUOTA variables are used to calculate your monthly quota, for example. They are in GB.


Considering you placed the file as I said, add these lines to your crontab:

* * * * * /usr/bin/lua /www/cgi-bin/stats/index.html save
0 0 1 * * /usr/bin/lua /www/cgi-bin/stats/index.html mark

(You can open it with crontab -e)

They will monitor the interface each minute. And reset quota each month. Well, let's hope so...


Open http://<your-router-ip>/cgi-bin/stats with a browser.