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Spring JEE Apps

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This project is about 2 things:

  • JEE Frameworks: A basis for creating JEE business applications to run on top of it
  • JEE Webapplications: Web applications ready to be deployed on the JEE application server

Most components use the Spring framework and should be JEE compliant


Last modif: 2017/03/03


  • Uploading projects...
  • App deployed to google-app-engine :)
  • Also working on a spring4JSF2Fwk with a demo webapp


This is about having a repository for generic spring jee web applications so one can test things. For example, if you are working with spring 3 and JSP technology, get the spring3JSPWebapp1 and don't waste time creating everything from scratch:

  • spring3JSPWebapp1: Spring 3 JEE Webapplication. Includes Spring 3.2.14, Hibernate 4.3.6.Final. JPA 2.0, Servlet 2.5, ...


Apache 2.0