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tv Added new domain Oct 20, 2016

BoB Logo

DEPRECATED - Since Twitch added the Auto quality feature in their video player, this project became somewhat irrelevant, and is not being actively maintained by the main developer (@andresperezl), issues and PR will still be reviewd upon request.

Best of Both

Best of Both (or just BoB) is a site that integrates YouTube streams with Twitch chat, for any Riot Live Stream. This is specially useful for user with slow internet connection that for some reason enjoy Twitch chat. Thanks to YouTube auto-quality feature, the stream will adapt by itself to the necessary quality to avoid pausing and buffering, and the resume time is also faster than that on twitch.

BoB - Best of Both

BoB has an evil twin called BoB Replays, where users can vote for their favorite match from LoL eSports Youtube Channel and watch it together, it's also integrated with Twitch chat

BoB Replays | Github

You can follow BoB on Twitter for any update about the site @BoBStreams

Or Reddit /r/bestofboth