Code repository for the Master Thesis "Real-Time Spatialization Tools for 3D Audio"
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THIS REPOSITORY HAS MOVED TO New updates will be commited there

3Dj is a SuperCollider library for real-time interactive 3D sound spatialization.

Developed in collaboration with Barcelona Media ( as the implementation part of the Master Thesis "Real-Time 3D Audio Spatialization Tools for Interactive Performance", Music Technology Group, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.

Master thesis available here:

The code can be easily installed through the Quarks system.

================= FEATURES

Spatial Render:

  • 3D source position
  • Spatialization techniques: ambisonics, vbap and binaural
  • Up to full 3rd order Ambisonics, with different source shapes: punctual, ring, semi-meridian and extended
  • SpatDIF compatible
  • Log and playback SpatDIF scenes
  • Remote performance
  • Distance cues
  • Jack compatible

Scene Simulator:

  • Unlimited number of sound objects
  • Source interaction: top-down (absolute objects control) and bottom-up (physical model-based)
  • Predefined source motions: orbital, shm, brownian...
  • Scene visualization
  • SpatDIF compatible


  • OSC compatible
  • Log and playback user interface gestures

================= DEPENDENCIES

Spatial Render:

Scene Simulator:

  • Quarks: MathLib, redUniverse

Tested for GNU/Linux. It should work for OSX, and maybe partially for Windows.

================ EXTRA

Together with the SuperCollider code, we provide other useful complements:

  • Python: scripts for Ambisonics encoding visualization
  • Sounds: 4 mono tracks, ready for spatialization!
  • Android: a Processing sketch providing sensor data in OSC through the local network, in the OrientationController required format. Ready to compile with Processing-Android.

================ (C) Andrés Pérez López, 2014

All the code is licensed under GPL v3.0

contact [at] //