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Enumerate the permissions associated with AWS credential set
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Enumerate IAM permissions

Found a set of AWS credentials and have no idea which permissions it might have?

$ ./ --access-key AKIA... --secret-key StF0q...
2019-05-10 15:57:58,447 - 21345 - [INFO] Starting permission enumeration for access-key-id "AKIA..."
2019-05-10 15:58:01,532 - 21345 - [INFO] Run for the hills, get_account_authorization_details worked!
2019-05-10 15:58:01,537 - 21345 - [INFO] -- {
    "RoleDetailList": [
            "Tags": [], 
            "AssumeRolePolicyDocument": {
                "Version": "2008-10-17", 
                "Statement": [
2019-05-10 15:58:26,709 - 21345 - [INFO] -- gamelift.list_builds() worked!
2019-05-10 15:58:26,850 - 21345 - [INFO] -- cloudformation.list_stack_sets() worked!
2019-05-10 15:58:26,982 - 21345 - [INFO] -- directconnect.describe_locations() worked!
2019-05-10 15:58:27,021 - 21345 - [INFO] -- gamelift.describe_matchmaking_rule_sets() worked!
2019-05-10 15:58:27,311 - 21345 - [INFO] -- sqs.list_queues() worked!

Now you do! tries to brute force all API calls allowed by the IAM policy. The calls performed by this tool are all non-destructive (only get* and list* calls are performed).


git clone
cd enumerate-iam/
pip install -r requirements.txt


This software was written to be easy to integrate with other tools, just import the main function and provide the required arguments:

from enumerate_iam.main import enumerate_iam


The output will contain all the enumerated permission information in a python dictionary.

Other tools

Before writing I tried a few that performed the same task. Decided to write my own because the others:

  • Did not check for all API calls
  • Where painfully slow when adding more API calls to the list
  • Did not return the permissions in a programmatic way

Updating the API calls

The API calls to be performed during permission enumeration are stored in enumerate_iam/, a Python dict() which is generated by enumerate_iam/ using the API documentation available in the aws-sdk-js library.

AWS releases new services every quarter, to make sure that this tool is finding all the existing permissions run:

cd enumerate_iam/
git clone
rm -rf aws-sdk-js

Related tools

This tool was released as part of the Internet-Scale Analysis of AWS Cognito Security research. During this research the cc-lambda tool was also used to extract information from the Common Crawl data.

Initial code

The initial code was released in this gist and improved in multiple ways:

  • Complete refactoring
  • Results returned in a programmatic way
  • Threads
  • Improved logging
  • Increased API call coverage
  • Export as a library
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