@andresriancho andresriancho released this Apr 7, 2015 · 1047 commits to master since this release




@andresriancho andresriancho released this Feb 26, 2015 · 1469 commits to master since this release

Huge improvements!

  • HTTP response parsers are now run in a different process
  • Added support for SSL's SNI using OpenSSL
  • Added support for scanning servers with specific SSL protocols disabled (poodle)
  • Added new platforms to the dependency check
  • Run w3af inside docker
  • Updated sqlmap
  • Performance improvements in core classes
  • Improved profiling capabilities (internal use only)
  • Improved exception handling to catch more descriptive tracebacks
  • Added new plugins for web sockets and RFD
  • Better error handling for HTTP requests
  • Huge reducion of memory usage in phishtank plugin
  • 100 bugs fixed

Github milestone containing fixed bugs and pending work