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Welcome to the w3af wiki! Please view the index for this wiki in order to get a complete list of all available content.

The w3af project has grown substantially over the years and when migrating from the SVN server to GIT we decided to create different repositories to reduce the time required by users to get w3af by cloning the main repository and also to organize the development. These are all our repositories:

  • w3af the web application scanner source code
  • w3af-packages packages for installing w3af in different operating systems
  • w3af-webui a web UI for w3af
  • django-moth a set of vulnerable scripts to test w3af
  • php-moth a set of vulnerable PHP scripts to test w3af
  • w3af-qa QA related stuff
  • w3af-misc Misc files, performance tests, etc.

Reporting bugs

The user's guide contains a whole section explaining how we would like to receive bug reports.


User's guide

We host our user's guide at readthedocs.org