First steps as a contributor

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You want to contribute? That's awesome! I believe the best path for success is:

  • Read the user's guide, and correct any issues you find (typos, things that need clarification, etc.). It should be easy to do that while you read it. The source code for the user's guide is in the repository.

  • To send your user's guide corrections use the Contributing 101 document , which will help you get used to git, fork, pull-requests.

  • Then choose one of the new plugins that we have in our queue and code it. These are some guidelines that might be helpful:

    • Use the Contributing 101 document
    • Start your development by copying a pre-existing plugin
    • Try to achieve the goal of zero false positives
    • If you don't know how to continue: send a pull-request. I'll review it and tell you how to continue.

Got stuck? No problem!

If you ever get stuck while following any of the steps above:

  • Send an email to the w3af-develop mailing list
  • If you believe we'll fix it faster using IRC, contact Andres Riancho __apr__ at #w3af channel at the Freenode IRC network. Send me a private message to "wake me up" and then we'll chat on the main channel.