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Auto-LifeProTips: A fully automated LifeProTips website, Instagram, and Twitter
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A fully automated LifeProTips website, Instagram, and Twitter.

Created by Andres Sevilla

What is it?

Auto-LifeProTips is a fully automated bot which pulls content from the subreddit r/LifeProTips and reposts it on an Instagram account, Twitter account, and a website hosted on Netlify.

How does it work?

Using the built-in Windows Task Scheduler, a computer runs the script twice a day. The program will fetch the "top" posts of the week on the LifeProTips subreddit using the Reddit API. It then creates an image using the text pulled from Reddit using the pillow library and posts the image on Instagram using instapy-cli. It then posts the text on Twitter using the Twitter API. Finally, it creates an HTML website using the latest 25 tips stored and uploads the result to Netlify.


  • Pillow Library [Image editing]
  • PRAW [Reddit Developer API]
  • Instapy-cli [For uploading posts via CMD]
  • python-twitter [For posting to Twitter]
  • Also uses the built in OS and Text Wrap modules
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