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The Lift web framework for Scala
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lift-record [release] start 1.1-SNAPSHOT
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pom.xml force to use maven-scala-plugin 2.9 (2.10 failed to build lift-openID) use vscaladoc to generate API


lift is an expressive and elegant framework for writing web applications. 
lift stresses the importance of security, maintainability, scalability
 and performance, while allowing for high levels of developer productivity.

lift borrows from the best of existing frameworks, providing

    * Seaside's highly granular sessions and security
    * Rails fast flash-to-bang
    * Django's "more than just CRUD is included"
    * Wicket's designer-friendly templating style (see Lift View First) 

And because lift applications are written in Scala, an elegant new JVM
language, you can still use your favorite Java libraries and deploy to your
favorite Servlet Container. Use the code you've already written and deploy
to the container you've already configured!

And it's hosted on GitHub
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