NoRSX is a 2D lib for PSL1GHT
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NoRSX is a 2D lib for PSL1GHT

NOW IT'S A REAL PSL1GHT LIB This lib will be installed inside the PORTLIBS


kakaroto (for his rsxutil.c)
KDSBest (for some performance patches)


- 0.0.1 -
    PNG/JPG support
- 0.0.2 -
    Now it loads everything correctly.
- 0.0.3 -
    Background support.
    Can generate an object like rectangles
- 0.0.4 -
    Added Msg dialog.
    Added Sperimental Text (NO FONTS for now).
    Added Partial Image function.
- 0.0.5 -
    Added Printf to the Sperimental Text function.
    Added Pixel.
- 0.0.5b -
    Added Circle.
    Added Pixel4.
- 0.0.5c -
    Added AlphaBlending (15 fps).
- 0.0.6 -
    Added line.
- 0.0.7 -
    Added AlphaBlending (30 fps).
- 0.0.8 -
    Added TTF support (be careful when using it! it's still sperimental).
- 0.0.9 -
    Now TTF support is perfect!
    Removed old font support.
- 0.0.9b -
    Added a few options!.
- 0.1.0 -
    Added Bitmap!.
- 0.1.0b -
    Fixed Bitmap when exit.
- 0.1.0c -
    Performance Patch by KDSBest (thanks for them. most of the stuffs that go to 24 FPS, now go to 30 FPS).
- 0.1.0d -
    Performance Patch by Deroad/Wargio ~40 FPS.
- 0.1.1 -
    Added Change Screen Size.
    Screen Size Supported:
        They needs to be initialized as this Example: NoRSX GFX(RESOLUTION_1280x720);
- 0.1.1b -
    Fixed Screen Size bugs.
- 0.1.1c -
    Performance Patch by KDSBest (Just for Images).
    Added DrawIMGtoBitmap function for JPG (I forgot this one!)
- 0.1.1d -
    Added PS3 Font PATHS
- 0.1.1e -
    Font Size..
- 0.1.2 -
    Fixed Font ChromaKey. now fonts are better displayed 
- 0.1.5 -
    Now it's a real lib. to use it you will need to add in the Makefile the -lNoRSX flag
    New Header. now to include NoRSX inside your code, you will need to add the new header <NoRSX.h>
    Added EventHandler. it is included with <NoRSX.h> you don't need to use it. it's already configured by the lib.

Homebrews built with this lib:

NoRSX Example  (deroad)
PS Seismograph (deroad)


All the fonts included with the example aren't mine..