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WebAudio API MPC prototype
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#MPC prototype Just a quick Proof of concept, for a client.




A sampler loads and stores external audio files in buffers so they can be attached to a audio context. It dispatches progress and complete loading events.

public methods

  • add(url) adds a file url to the sampler.
  • load() loads all files in the sampler.


An Mixer8. Combines 8 signals into a stereo output.


An Analyzer analyzes using sound buffers. Can be attached to any buffer (this includes the master and the individual faders in the Mixer8).

public methods

  • average() returns the average value of the buffer.
  • octaves(count) returns an array of averages by octave.


A Filter can added to any sound buffer. There are several kinds of filters.

  • Low Pass
  • High Pass
  • Band Pass
  • Low Shelf
  • High Shelf
  • Peaking
  • Notch
  • All Pass

For more info, please read the specification.

public methods

  • toggle(boolean) bypass filter.
  • changeQuality(value) changes Q factor of the filter.
  • changeFrequency(value) changes cutoff frequency.

##Running local version

  • Install all dependencies in your package.json
npm install 
  • Run local Gruntfile
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