Python RSA public-key encryption system
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Python RSA public-key encryption system

Files - application for generating rsa keys, encrypting data, and decrypting data
    bodineac_keys - pickled file containing all necessary encryption/decryption meta data ( my rsa keys )
    plaintext - orignial plaintext file that we were given
    ciphertext - result of encrypting plaintext file
    decrypted - result of decrypting ciphertext file


    to generate rsa keys: python init <keys_filename> <prime_bitlength>
            ex. python init bodineac_keys 512
    to encrypt data: python encrypt <keys_filename> <plaintext_filename> <ciphertext_filename>
            ex. python encrypt bodineac_keys plaintext ciphertext
    to decrypt data: python decrypt <keys_filename> <ciphertext_filename> <decrypted_filename>
            ex. python decrypt bodineac_keys ciphertext decrypted