Hands-on workshop to learn primary concepts of Redux by implementing Redux itself within a React context.
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Redux Fundamentals Workshop

Accompanies the Building Redux workshop slide deck.

Clone Repo

You will need to start by cloning this repo:

git clone https://github.com/andrew-codes/connect.tech-builing-redux-workshop.git
cd connect.tech-builindg-redux-workshop

System Requirements

You can run npm verify to ensure you have the a valid version of node and npm installed.

npm run verify

Updating an existing version of npm

npm i -g npm


npm install

Starting an Exercise

Exercises can be found in the ./exercises directory and has an accompanying solution located in ./exercises-final. Instructions for each exercise can be found in the exercise's README.md file; located in the root of the exercise directory. Exercises consist of a set of failing tests. These tests, combined with the slide deck, will guide you through the concepts and implementation.

Running Exercise Tests

Run an exercise's test by executing the following command in your console: npm test n where n is the exercise number. So for example, running exercise 2, the command would be: npm test 2.

GOTCHA: Do not prefix the exercise number with a "0". This is done for each exercise directory solely for the purpose of listing them in numerical order within your OS/IDE.

Running Solution Tests

Run an exercise's solution tests by appending final to the end of the CLI command. Example for running exercise 1's solution tests: npm run test 1 final.