@andrew-hoffman andrew-hoffman released this Feb 17, 2016 · 48 commits to master since this release

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061 (2/16/2016)

  • Minor speed improvements and code cleanups
  • Improved VRC7 Envelopes again with values properly calculated from docs
  • Audio output is done in stereo now (though no interface to pan channels)
  • Build system changed to Maven
  • Framework for unit tests is begun (incl work on headless mode)
  • JavaFX UI for the RetroPi is included but not used by default.
    (It needs more work for desktop use.)

@andrew-hoffman andrew-hoffman released this Aug 29, 2015 · 94 commits to master since this release

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060 (8/29/2015)
-Fixed Battletoads and Battletoads: Double Dragon freezes on certain levels
-Reduced jerkiness of scrolling in 50 fps games
(not eliminated entirely unless your monitor is also set to 50 FPS)
-Improved performance a bit, there was some slow cheat engine code constantly running
halfnes 060

@andrew-hoffman andrew-hoffman released this Jul 10, 2015 · 112 commits to master since this release

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059 (7/28/2015)

  • Fixed certain FDS NSFs that wanted to write to bankswitched areas
  • Added PAL and Dendy (Hybrid PAL console that plays unmodified NTSC games) support
  • Fixed negative scroll values (Galaxian, TMNT)
  • Fixed envelope decay for VRC7 sound
  • Deal with games that read $2004 (OAM address) during rendering


Jul 10, 2015
Fixed remaining NTSC-ism (was still doing 1 frame of audio every 262 …
Jul 10, 2015


fixes a crash

@andrew-hoffman andrew-hoffman released this Jun 15, 2015 · 148 commits to master since this release

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Release 058 (6/14/2015)

  • Added support for FDS audio chip (for NSFs only)
  • Improved loading of NSFs with nonstandard headers (should not crash on POCorGTFO example)
  • Made Konami VRC and Sunsoft 5B and FME7 mappers cycle accurate
  • MMC5 mapper is a little better
  • Fixed games that set negative scroll values (Galaxian, TMNT 1)

v058 screenshot

@andrew-hoffman andrew-hoffman released this Jul 30, 2014 · 174 commits to master since this release

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Release 057 (7/30/2014)
halfnes 057
-PPU is now pixel accurate. Meaning that many glitchy games are now completely
fixed. However it also means that performance is worse.
-MMC3 and MMC5 scanline counters have been rewritten to be more accurate.
Fixed games:
-Marble Madness

-Laser Invasion
-Mickey's Adventures in Letterland
-Rad Racer
-Tiny Toon Adventures (the status bar was off by one scan line before)
-Mega Man 3 (displays same glitchy lines as real hardware)
-Every Namco 163 game (scanline counter was broken)

Also passes several more of blargg's PPU and MMC3 tests.
I haven't fixed all of the MMC3 based multicart mappers yet.

@andrew-hoffman andrew-hoffman released this Jul 18, 2014

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HalfNES Release 056 (7/17/2014)
First release hosted on GitHub.
-Multithreaded NTSC filter for better performance
-Rewrote CPU/PPU timing entirely (passes many timing tests that used to fail)
-Fixed VRC7 feedback (Lagrange Point now sounds almost completely correct)
-Fixed loading of large NSF files.
-Many other minor fixes over the past year.