PHPMapper is an open source PHP library for drawing a map by varying degrees of intensity based on relative data in a simple list (i.e.: MN: 5, WI: 12, MI: 23). Data is loaded from a CSV file or through PHP. It exports a simple PNG image in a configurable size and color.
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PHPMapper 1.0

This is the list of changes for the 1.0 release series.

PHPMapper 1.0.5

  • Added PHPMapper_Election class for mapping data like election results.
  • Tightened up series support as it's used by the new class.
  • Added series options to CSV importer.
  • Made method chaining available on more occassions.
  • Created vector image file for better map support going forward (more maps coming soon).
  • Broke apart the draw() method and modeled PHPMapper to be more abstract so that it can be extended easily.

PHPMapper 1.0.4

  • Made PNG export size configurable.
  • Removed all state images, consolidated into a single, large image.
  • Wrote cleanup/alpha methods for image generation.
  • Removed "state" coupling in favor of "item".
  • Added the ability to load different maps.
  • Early series support for the 1.1 release.

PHPMapper 1.0.3

  • First public release on Github!
  • Added all core files and U.S. map images.
  • Custom color support.
  • Added abstract Import library with its first member: a CSV importer.