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This is the source code to the Twitterbot @fishexist. Every day, it scrapes this episode list for No Such Thing as a Fish, the podcast from the QI elves. It then strips out the interesting facts and trains a Markov chain on them. Every three hours, it generates a spurious factoid from the Markov chain and tweets it.

Example output

  1. Tomorrow will be the same stretch of road 25 times.
  2. The Doomsday Clock was originally called A "meteorwrong".
  3. The real Long John Silver – William Ernest Henley, was the first thing that Ted Cruz did after dropping out of symbols for their candidates. Candidates are now using a bow and arro
  4. Plants have their own lava.
  5. The Japanese are planning to install toilets in their soup spoons to stop lions from attacking them.
  6. When you had to be an ordinary rock, it is the same as the South Sea Bubble, the Houses of Parliament who are constantly looking for fire.
  7. When Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart first performed in Naples, he had to make sure people were killed because of mad cow disease.
  8. You cannot get erections.
  9. The word "fascinate" literally means: "nut croissant".
  10. GCHQ has an internal memo from the first Ryanair flight. Today crew members have to be used on the White House that fired a jet directly at his dinner table any more. Rather than exercising or dieting, he cut a semi-circle in his own code.


Generates interesting factoids from fake QI Elves.






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