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A wholly-original AR monster-catching game.


There is a monster in front of you. Aim by angling your phone toward it; tap the ball to throw it at the monster. If you hit, you catch the monster and may get chance to evolve it into a better one. When you are done, you can return to AR to catch another monster.


Video Capture

The AR component uses the video-capture API, which is only available over HTTPS. Github Pages does offer HTTPS, but not for custom domains, so my main domain will not work. Therefore, I have created a Github org, andrew-tls to host monsters.

You can also get the video capture permission explicitly (including over HTTP), by installing the page as a progressive web app. You can do this using the "add to home screen" link in Chrome's menu.

Further, Safari on iOS does not support this API and so iDevices cannot play monsters.

Currently the video capture does not work in Firefox for Android.

## Accelerometers Obviously only a mobile device will usually support the orientation APIs, so this is unlikely to work well on your laptop.

## Submitting monsters Simply provide a PNG with transparency, a name and a type, as well as what it evolves from and/or into. If it's a pull request with data.js updated for me then so much the better.


A wholly original AR monster catching game



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