Simple BotKit bot with NLP
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Simple BotKit bot with NLP

Original blog post avaliable on Andrew Templeton's blog:

Meet Kurt, Bottie's bigger, badder cousin

The AI landscape has changed a lot in the last two years. Kurt will replace Bottie - with slot detection, custom lambda fulfillment, and CloudFormation support for AWS Lex bot creation. Stay tuned!
Kurt's Repository

Step 1 - Get Your Slack Bot Token

Step 2 - Download the bottie code to your computer

If you're here on GitHub, you already know what to do. Navigate to the downloaded project folder (on your computer) and run the the following commands [no dollar sign is required, used for reference only]:

  • RUN - $ npm install;
  • RUN - $ export SLACK_TOKEN='<COPIED_TOKEN from your Slack-Bot API>';
  • RUN - $ node index

Step 3 - Learn and build on the bottie code

To learn how to interact and use the Bot, read Andrews blog post. It's a great starting point for those looking to build / extend a bot to fit their project needs.

**Bonus points:** Examples of how to use sentiment and make JSON calls have been included in this example. You might also want to look at Adam-nnl's bot ( for other ideas on how to extend bottie.