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Node Xbox Controller

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Interface for Xbox 360 game controller into Node.js

Lots of low level details about the controller here:

Mac OSX driver: for Lion/Snow Leopard or for Yosemite


npm install xbox-controller


var XboxController = require('xbox-controller');
var xbox = new XboxController;

xbox.on('a:press', function (key) {
  console.log(key + ' press');

xbox.on('b:release', function (key) {
  console.log(key+' release');

xbox.on('lefttrigger', function(position){
  console.log('lefttrigger', position);

xbox.on('righttrigger', function(position){
  console.log('righttrigger', position);

xbox.on('left:move', function(position){
  console.log('left:move', position);

xbox.on('right:move', function(position){
  console.log('right:move', position);

xbox.on('connected', function(){
  console.log('Xbox controller connected');

xbox.on('not-found', function(){
  console.log('Xbox controller could not be found');

Also see the example.js for usage.


Set LED pattern on controller:


Available LED patterns:

0x00   All off
0x01   All blinking
0x02   1 flashes, then on
0x03   2 flashes, then on
0x04   3 flashes, then on
0x05   4 flashes, then on
0x06   1 on
0x07   2 on
0x08   3 on
0x09   4 on
0x0A   Rotating (e.g. 1-2-4-3)
0x0B   Blinking*
0x0C   Slow blinking*
0x0D   Alternating (e.g. 1+4-2+3), then back to previous*


Control left and right rumble motors:

var leftStrength = 255;
var rightStrength = 255;

xbox.rumble(leftStrength, rightStrength);

Where the strengths are between 0 and 255.

Within function

Listen for when a trigger or stick's position is within a particular range:

xbox.within('righttrigger', [50,100], function(err, data){
	console.log('rightttrigger within 50 and 100', err, data);

Multiple Devices

On startup, if a device is in use, it will be skipped and the next available device will be used. The serial number and path will be printed to the console for debugging.

Use the printed serial number to specifically address devices if required, see Serial Numbers below.

Serial Numbers

Each device has own serial number. On startup, the serial number of the device detected will be printed to the console.

To use a specific serial number, specify it when creating the controller:

var xbox = new XboxController('9BB004D0');

If you have a third party controller without 'controller' in the name, specify the device serial number to use that device.

Configuring a Third Party Controller

To configure a third party controller:



Copyright (c) 2016 Andrew Nesbitt. See LICENSE for details.