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A suite of convention specifications for enforcing type and style conventions in your codebase
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Conventional Build status NuGet

Conventional provides a suite of ready-made tests for enforcing conventions within your types, assemblies, solutions and databases to make sure your duckies are all in a row.

Conventional targets .NET Standard 2.0, and as of Conventional 7.x, Conventional ❤'s Linux!

To install from NuGet

Install-Package Best.Conventional

Looking for Roslyn-based conventions? Check out the documentation for more information.

Conventional.Roslyn does not target .NET Standard 2.0 due to there being no official .NET Core support for MSBuildWorkspace, a core building block of Roslyn.


To get started with Conventional, please check out the wiki for a comprehensive list of included conventions, sample usages, and configuration information.


Not sure how to get started with Conventional? Check out the sample repository which contains a bunch of real-world usage examples


Conventional's test suite requires a default named .\SQLEXPRESS instance. If you have another instance you would like to use for development, create a copy of development.settings.example in the solution root and rename to development.settings, and supply your own connection string.


Licensed under the terms of the MS-PL license

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