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Commits on Jul 18, 2010
  1. Core - Update VF APN info

    committed with Apr 20, 2010
  2. Ericsson - Be more forgiving when accquiring phonebook size

    1/ Initialize phonebook storage location to SIM
    2/ Cope with varying number of arguments to +CPBR=?
    3/ Some PEP8 fixes
    committed with Apr 20, 2010
  3. @vhernando
  4. @vhernando
  5. @vhernando
  6. @vhernando
  7. @vhernando

    change required group for Fedora 12 into dialout. Not installing seli…

    …nux module, check if that is required
    vhernando committed with Feb 22, 2010
Commits on Feb 7, 2010
  1. VMC 2.x - Remove unnecessary usage of getProcessOutput

    With Python 2.6 and unpatched glib2 it triggers 100% CPU. At present
    only Ubuntu appears to be applying a patch to glib2 but Fedora, Moblin
    and OpenSUSE are known to suffer this issue. This doesn't entirely
    fix the problem since getProcessOutput is still used to start
    external commands like Internet browser and mail tool etc. Switching
    to use os.spawn or subprocess.Popen doesn't help as the issue appears
    to be the reactor's use of a SIGCHLD handler.
    committed Feb 7, 2010
Commits on Feb 4, 2010
Commits on Feb 1, 2010
  1. Fixing moblin bug

    Nicholas Herriot committed Feb 1, 2010
Commits on Jan 29, 2010
  1. @vhernando
  2. @vhernando

    solving dialer_profile error

    vhernando committed Jan 29, 2010
Commits on Jan 27, 2010
  1. @smoe
Commits on Jan 21, 2010
  1. VMC 2.x - Remove package dependency python-gnome2-extras

    Tray facilities can be provided by either python-gtk >= 2.10.0 or
    python-gnome2-extras. The latter package is no longer provided on
    many modern platforms. The only platform we probably need to worry
    about is EeePC, but there we package python separately and can use
    python-eggtraycon(derivative of python-gnome2-extras) in the mega
    package python-vmc
    committed Jan 21, 2010
Commits on Jan 13, 2010
  1. VMC 2.x - Bump version number

    committed Jan 13, 2010
  2. VMC 2.x - APN update

    committed Jan 13, 2010
  3. VMC 2.x - Really quit when user says do it

    In the case that the user tried to exit with connection still up,
    we used to enter an unworkable state if the user said it was OK to
    quit without terminating the connection first.
    committed Jan 13, 2010
Commits on Jan 12, 2010
Commits on Jan 11, 2010
Commits on Jan 5, 2010
Commits on Dec 18, 2009
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