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Wader is a 3G daemon accessible via DBus, written in Python and released
under the GPLv2. Wader runs on Linux and OSX.

Wader's target audience are developers. If you would like your application to
interact with a UMTS device, such as a mobile data card or a mobile phone,
then stop searching! Features:

    * Built upon modern technologies such as dbus and udev
    * Service invoked via DBus
    * A single process handles n devices
    * Dialup via NM 0.8/0.9 or Wvdial/NDIS dialup on systems with an older NM
    * Extensible AT Engine
    * Pluggable support for devices: Adding support for a new device is
    usually a matter of copying an skeleton, changing the device IDs and
    dropping the plugin in /usr/share/wader-core/plugins
    * A python shell to interact with the device in runtime


Wader is a fork of the core of Vodafone Mobile Connect Card driver for Linux[0]

Some of its parts have been completely rewritten and the most juicy bits have
been exported over DBus to allow other applications of the Linux desktop to
use Wader. Wader is the first project (apart from ModemManager itself) that
implements ModemManager's API[1]. This means that NetworkManager 0.8 / 0.9
will be able to use wader-core to perform operations on devices.

Supported devices
See the SUPPORTED_DEVICES file to see which devices we currently know how to
handle well

Project Source Repository (patches most welcome):

This software should work (in theory) with any device that follows the relevant
GSM and 3G specs. Nonetheless, every device is different and it may not work in
an untested device. Try it at your own risk. If you speak Python and feel
adventurous you could get involved by supporting a new device/distro.


Wader is distributed under the GPLv2. See the LICENSE file for the gory


0 .- Wader fails horribly with my OS

   Wader has been tested on the following distros:
     - Ubuntu 10.04 .. 12.04
     - Mint 11
     - Fedora 15

   You can find instructions of how to add a new OS/Distro in the doc.

1 .- Wader fails horribly with my device

   Chances are that your device is a cousin of one of our supported devices.
   Adding support for a new device is relatively easy (as long as it behaves),
   you can find instructions of how to add a new device in the doc.



Wader - Modem Manager compatible core




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