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Overview of changes since Wader-0.3.6
Releases are usually made in sync with stable bcm releases. List of changes:
* See SVN log for details.
Overview of changes since Wader-
This is a new minor stable release of Wader. List of changes:
* wader-core
* DNS update mechanisms have been harmonized, see #154. On Ubuntu
hardy, wader-core does not depend on resolvconf anymore as it
causes conflicts with the stock NetworkManager.
* New device supported: Novatel MC990D
* Start and restart scripts merged into one: wader-core-ctl
* wader-gtk
* Fix PUK/PUK2 handling, see #148
* Make sure profiles work with GConf-DBus, see #144
* wader-doc
* Documentation migrated to Sphinx and revised
* wader-doc is no longer built by default, thus saving us from
maintaining many, buggy, dependencies.
Overview of changes since Wader-0.3.5
This is a new nano stable release of Wader. wader- was quickly
replaced by wader- as it didn't built on hardy. List of changes:
* wader-core
* Some HSO bugs introduced in 0.3.{4,5} have been fixed. This is what
you get when you don't test a release with every supported device.
* Do not execute set_network_type if network_type is None
* wader._version allows nano releases
* wader-core depends on resolvconf as its not included by default
on Hardy.
* wader-gtk
* Handle NoKeyringDaemonError exceptions, not finished. #149
Overview of changes since Wader-0.3.4
This is a new minor stable release of Wader. List of changes:
* wader-core
* DBusDevicePlugin merged into DevicePlugin
* Separate better the ModemManager and Wader exceptions
* get_radio_status return value fixed
* Some fixes for hotplugging events
* Huawei:
* get_driver_name fixed for Nozomi
* use HuaweiE620's cmd_dict rather than Huawei's
* Handle ^MODE: 0,2 in Huawei
* Handle error in ^CURC=1 command
* Do not use os.system but instead
* Set a registering lock to avoid multiple attempts of registration
* Add the U1900 band
* org.freedesktop.ModemManager.Modem.Simple interface implemented
(and untested)
* Device creation time has been reduced
* Fix "undefined reference to ser" while probing ports
* Unused stuff removed
* wader-gtk
* Many profiles bugs fixed
* Only ask for profile when self.profile is None
* Add Ctrl+Q accelerator to log window
* Stop throbber if device is not present
* Remove standard gtk symbols from translation
Overview of changes since Wader-0.3.3
This is a new minor stable release of Wader. List of changes:
* wader-core
* WVDIAL: Use either the 'Connected' string or the DNS info to ack that we are
* Get rid of python-axiom
* wader-gtk
* Handle gracefully errors in SetBand and SetConnectionMode
* Use translated strings for mode changes
Overview of changes since Wader-0.3.2
This is a new minor stable release of Wader. List of changes:
* wader-core
* Fix initialization routine so it bails with cards that insist on
replying SimBusy to +CPBR=? commands. Next time is necessary will be
requested again and will succeed.
* Use PDP context in HSO dialer
* Only enable/disable radio if necessary
* Some wvdial fixes make it more robust
* CLeanup CGMM response if echo was enabled
* Some ZTE love
* Fix dialup with Option GTM378, it must use the hso dialer.
* Better responsiveness in network registration state machine
* Many, many bug fixes.
* wader-gtk
* only enable PIN/PUK if what user entered is meaningful
* new wader icon
* make sure bytes are resetted
Overview of changes since Wader-0.3.1
This is a new minor stable release of Wader. List of changes:
* wader-core
* NetworkManager compatibility has been temporally disabled, our
three target distros ship with different snapshots of NM/MM and
they don't include some later patches required for compatibility.
See [0] for more info. This has the downside of firefox not realizing
that we are connected and it will insist on that we are disconnected. A
simple workaround is to check the "Work offline" checkbox in "File".
* New device added (untested): ZTE MF632
* NMPPPDDialer now listens to PropertyChanged signals
* Make sure dialers are unexported upon unsuccessful connection attempt.
* wader-core now depends on ozerocdoff.
* Many, many bug fixes.
* wader-gtk
* Problems with unsigned ints and some DNS have been fixed.
* Get rid of GtkSpinButton warning.
* Handle gracefully unsucessful connection attempts [1].
* Do not allow Set{Band,ConnectionMode} if we are connected.
Overview of changes since Wader-0.3.0
This is a new minor stable release of Wader. List of changes:
* wader-core
* Really restart the core upon upgrade (Debian/Ubuntu only)
* Plugins are only included once and at /usr/share/wader/plugins. An
upgrade routine has been added to ensure a smooth transition.
* wader-core now mimics the udis that ModemManager uses to export devices.
* wader-core enables/disables radio too now (+CFUN=0,1)
* Use o.fd.MM.Modem rather than o.fd.ModemManager for properties
* OS detection has been improved by not relying on lsb_release
* wader-core runs on python2.6
* wader-core now depends on python-messaging. A joint project between
Warp (Wader) & OpenShine (MobileManager) to create a solid SMS
encoding/decoding library.
* New models supported: Huawei E169, Huawei E180
* o.fd.DBus.Properties.GetAll implemented
* wader-gtk
* The UI has been gettex'd and there are Spanish and French translations
* The SMS/Contacts UI has been polished and some interesting
new features have been added:
* Support for multipart SMS (only sending for now)
* Support for categories (Inbox, Drafts and Sent for now)
* Support for storing SMS and sending it from SIM
* Support for searching contacts
* Support for searching SMS (not enabled unless pygtk >= 2.14.0
because of a bug on set_visible_func)
* A throbber is shown for every potentially long (IO) operations
* Log window now updates the log every second
* .desktop added for supported RPM systems
* Copyright changed to 'Wader contributors'
* Many, many bugs fixed
* doc
* User tutorial added
Overview of changes since Wader-0.2.X
This is a new major stable release of Wader. List of changes:
* wader-core
* Wader is the first project that implements the ModemManager API
apart from MM itself. It implements the whole MM API except for
the new Ericsson's MBM devices (introduced late in the MM
development cycle, will support them as soon as we get our hands
in one of them). For more info check out[0].
* Wader ditches the session bus and works exclusively on the system bus.
* Dialup support for system with NM 0.6.X, NM0.7 and NM0.7.X.
* Multiple active devices.
* Wader doesn't depends on hsolink any more.
* New devices supported: Option Icon 401, Huawei EM730V, Huawei K3520,
ZTE K3520 and ZTE K3565.
* Initial support for OSX. No dialup, no UI, only DBus functionality.
* wader-gtk
* Wader now uses gconf to store all its config settings.
* Initial support for SMS/Contacts. The UI is not that great, it will
be improved in next release.