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With this super kewl app you can:

  • create messages that when run, return text described in their spec
  • reference other messages to embed the output of their spec
  • view a list of all current messages (including their name and spec)
  • have endless fun with the whole family


  • Ruby
  • Rails


  • clone the repo locally
  • cd into the directoy
  • bundle install gems
  • run migrations
  • start the rails server
  • have a ball 🎉


This project took about a full day to complete. The general outline of work went something like this:

  1. Read the prompt. Re-read the prompt. Re-read the prompt [n] more times.
  2. Get some clarifications on the prompt (Thanks, Eli!)
  3. Sit down with a note-taking app and start planning
    • list resources and attributes
    • list app functionality / product reqs
    • list views / pages
    • list components and subcomponents
    • list user flows
      • index page
      • new/edit page
    • consider tech stack
      • rails app w/ standard crud
      • rails app w/ react front-end
      • sever-less react app
    • consider architecture
      • tl:dr; roll-your-own string interpolation based on db records
      • should feel like ruby's implementation
      • how to deal with undefined interpolated values
    • consider error handling
      • do i need it?
    • consider open questions
      • need to strip out reserved words?
    • consider testing
      • TDD! start with test cases, work from there.
      • is rspec ok? do i need to create factories since this involves the db?
  4. Start building the ruby app — ugly but functional, no styling at all
  5. Ensure test suite is sufficient and passes
  6. Refactor where appropriate, for clarity and maintainability
  7. Deploy to heroku and test
  8. Make UX and design improvements
  9. Polish it up
  10. Test it some more and then 🚢 it!


Recursive string interpolation, from scratch.






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