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Artprize Voting App

Demo for GRDevDay 2015

See the accompanying slides here.

Step through the commits to follow the project as we derive a multi process voting server from a simple function with an accumulator to hold votes.

When you're through with this, you may be interested in checking out the more full-featured Phoenix version of this application. It utilizes GenServer to run the actual Vote server under the app's supervision.

To start the console to play with the demo:

  1. Navigate to the project directory
  2. Run iex -S mix
  3. Start the server process with: {:ok, pid} = ArtprizeVote.start_server
  4. Send your votes to the server process: send pid, {self, :add_vote, {16, 69, {-85.6, 43}}}, etc...
  5. Check the messages the server sends back to the main process by running flush