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A web extension to tweak the Netflix home screen, preventing auto-play trailers and moving your lists to the top.
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Andrew Brey
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Netflix Tweaked

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With the Netflix Tweaked extension, you never have to see or hear the hero trailer auto-playing on the Netflix browse screen ever again. Since I like you so much, I've also made it auto-sort your "continue watching" and "my list" feeds to the top! Enjoy a slightly less dumb Netflix user interface :)

This extension is open source and licensed under the MIT license, so you can feel free to check out the source code at the extension home page or even contribute to make it better!

Release History

See the Release History for a list of all releases.

Release Notes

See the Release Notes for details about changes in each release.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the license file for details.


If you have questions, problems or ideas, feel free to contact me at

Building Locally

To build the extension locally for development or testing:

  1. Install node (and npm)
  2. cd into the project root directory
  3. Run gulp package to build packaged zip files for both Chrome and Firefox (output to the package directory)
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