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An awesome multi-language IDE written in JavaScript, crafted for ChromeOS and released under the GNU general public license!
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CodePad - A Chrome OS multi-language text editor



This project is not currently going to be mainainted (at least for the foreseable future), if you wish the branch or make any changes/fixes please just branch the project and do as you desire :)

Code Pad IDE is a free and lightweight IDE/text editor built for Chrome operating system. Code Pad allows you to write code and build projects in an easy way right on your Chrome OS device.

The IDE supports a variety of different languages!

P.S. You can also use it as a simple text editor, if that's all you need (duh)...

Currently supported languages

Bash, C/C++, CoffeeScript, CSS3, Dockerfile, GitIgnore, GoLang, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, JSON, Less, Markdown, MS SQL, Perl, PHP, PHTML, Plain text, Python, Ruby, Rust, Sass, Scala, SQL, TypeScript, XML, XHTML.


  • Full project browsing & management
  • Over 20 familiar themes (Monokai, etc...)
  • Choice of crisp monospaced editor fonts
  • Ready-made code snippets
  • Syntax error & bug detection/alerts
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code auto-completion & hinting
  • Code folding
  • Works with Google Drive or Local storage
  • Centralized clipboard with ChromeOS
  • Automatic indent and outdent
  • Tweakable interface
  • Key bindings
  • Drag & drop files with your mouse
  • Toggle between soft tabs & real tabs
  • Line wrapping
  • Runs in fullscreen
  • Cut, copy & paste functionality



The Code Pad IDE can be installed directly from the Chrome store here:

Other devices

Alternatively, if you're not running a Chrome OS device just follow these steps:

  • Clone/download this repo to your local machine
  • Open Google Chrome browser
  • Enter chrome://extensions in the URL bar and enable Developer Mode.
  • While still on the extensions page, click the button marked Load unpacked extension... and select the directory containing the Code Pad manifest.json file.
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