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Currently a small go dhall config library.

Because your config is a dhall expression:

  • Load config from environment variables.
  • Load config from local files.
  • Safely load config from a remote server.
  • Factor your config with functions (while still collapsing to a known type.).
  • Get type checking and nice error messages for your config.
  • Get an automatic config formatter with dhall format.

It lets you type check and load dhall config files into go structs, if you config is of the wrong type, you will get an error message.

Note that the dhall and dhall-to-json command line tools need to be installed.


type Config struct {
    Foo  string
    Bar  int64
    Baz  bool
    Boo  float64
    Bag  []int64
    Nest struct{ Foo bool }


    config := &Config{}

    configText := `
        { Foo =
            env:FOO as Text
        , Bar =
        , Baz =
        , Boo =
        , Bag =
            [ +1, +2 ]
        , Nest =
            { Foo = True }

    err := dhallconfig.LoadConfig(configText, config)
    if err != nil {


You don't need to put any file loading logic in your code. Just accept a dhall expression from the command line. "./foo.dhall" is a valid expression and the dhall interpreter will load your config.

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