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(def- escape-sequences '{
:default 39
:black 30
:red 31
:green 32
:yellow 33
:blue 34
:magenta 35
:cyan 36
:light-gray 37
:dark-gray 90
:light-red 91
:light-green 92
:light-yellow 93
:light-blue 94
:light-magenta 95
:light-cyan 96
:white 97
:reset 0
:bold 1
:dim 2
:underline 4
:blink 5
:reverse 7
:hidden 8 })
(defn color [& parts]
"Allows to color terminal output using shell escape code in a DSL-like fashion."
;(map (fn [part]
(if (keyword? part)
(string "\e[" (get escape-sequences part) "m")
(string part))) parts)))
(defn shortcwd []
"Formats the current working directory."
(let [cwd (os/cwd)]
(if (= cwd (string "/home/" (os/getenv "USER")))
(sh/$$_ basename [cwd]))))
(var *git-prefix* (color :bold :blue "git:(" :red))
(var *git-suffix* "")
(var *git-dirty* (color :blue ") " :light-yellow "✗ "))
(var *git-clean* (color :blue ") "))
(defn- has-git? []
"Tests wether the current working directory is a git repository or not."
(sh/$?? git rev-parse --short HEAD :1>/dev/null :2>'1))
(defn- git-dirty []
"Returns an indicator if the git repository is dirty"
(if (empty? (first (sh/$$_? git status --porcelain --ignore-submodules=dirty --untracked-files=no :2>/dev/null | tail -n1)))
(defn- git-ref []
"Returns the current repository ref or branch"
(let [ref (sh/$$_ git symbolic-ref HEAD :2>/dev/null)
commit (sh/$$_ git rev-parse --short HEAD :2>/dev/null)]
(if (empty? ref)
(string/replace "refs/heads/" "" ref))))
(defn git-info []
"Formats git information for janetsh prompt."
(if (has-git?)
(color *git-prefix* :red (git-ref) (git-dirty) *git-suffix* )
(set *get-prompt*
(fn get-prompt [p]
(color :bold
:light-magenta "➜ "
:cyan (shortcwd) " "
(parser/state p)
(set *hist-file* (first (sh/expand "~/.janetsh.hist")))
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