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Quick C

qc is a c frontend for the awesome QBE ssa backend written by Quentin Carbonneaux.

The frontend itself is written in the Myrddin programming language, a language by Ori Bernstein that is under heavy development, and also rocks.

Project Goals

  • Give QBE a serious C frontend to use for testing.
  • Make Myrddin self hosting language, even if it depends on some C code.
  • Allow Myrddin programs to embed C code without depending on the system C compiler.
  • Spread awareness of the Myrddin programming language.


The compiler itself is nearly complete enough to start compiling real programs. My first target will be my old self hosting C compiler. Currently, more than 5k LOC from that project can be built with qc + qbe.

There is not much work required to complete that goal, though there will be a steady grind of bug fixes to make it a reality.


You must have the Myrddin programming language installed, then building is a single command.


The compiler itself should work on linux, macos, freebsd, openbsd and plan9. Though qbe can only target a subset of those platforms.

Running tests

mbld test


IRC: irc.eigenstate.org in #myrddin (nick: ac)