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terraform provider that manages nix builds and nixos machines.
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A terraform provider for nix builds and nixos installations.

With this provider you can do things like:

  • Build a vm image from a nix expression and deploy it with terraform.
  • Build a docker image from a nix expression and deploy it with terraform.
  • Manage a nixos installation via ssh.

Note, this is a completely different project from the existing plugin in nixpkgs. Please consult that project to decide which suites your needs better.


This will run the example which is a good starting point, demonstrating all options. The example uses google cloud, though I would appreciate contributed examples for other platforms. After running the example you will have a managed server and vm images.

go build
cd example
terraform init -plugin-dir ../
terraform apply -var google_cloud_project=your_project_id


To view commands being run, set the env variable TF_LOG=debug.

Example configuration and options

See the example directory for an example configuration with all valid options specified.

Development Status

Working, but want feedback and users. Currently breaking changes are possible to enhance the design. Breaking changes will be announced on the mailing list.


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Andrew Chambers -

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