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Vote With Friends


Vote With Friends helps you arrange rides with your friends that will vote at the same polling location as you. We created this web-app for HackAE 2016 where it won 3rd place.

This project on Devpost

Vote With Friends will help people who cannot arrange transportation to their polling station during Election Day. We believe that this is the kind of technological change that matters: where we can help make their vote count.


  • Andrew Chellis
  • Thomas Moshier
  • Samuel David Bravo

how it works

Once you log into Facebook with the app, Vote With Friends will determine your polling location from an address you provide using Google Civic Information, and show it to you in Google Maps. Then you may choose to be a driver for your friends or look for a friend that can give you a ride.

If you're a driver, you can specify the time you are leaving and how many seats you have available, and then you can notify your friends. If you're looking for a ride, Vote With Friends will give you a list of your friends that are driving to the same polling location as you. You can then select the one that is most convenient, and contact your friend.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Materializecss
  • Facebook Login API
  • Google Civic Information
  • Google Maps API
  • SQLite
  • ExpressJS
  • NodeJS