Building Office 365 SPAs with Angular and CORS
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Building Office 365 SPAs with Angular and CORS


Microsoft recently announced support for CORS in some of their APIs in Office 365 and more coming soon. What this means for developers is that you can create fully client-side solutions that authenticate securely with Azure AD and access data in SharePoint sites using the REST API or files in a user's OneDrive folder. In this session we will look at how we can exploit this in a custom single page app (SPA) using AngularJS.

Speaker Bio - Andrew Connell

Andrew Connell is full stack web developer that enjoys development, writing, teaching and is an eleven-time recipient of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. He focused on web related technologies including Microsoft's Azure & Office 365 platforms, the .NET Framework, Angular, JavaScript, Node.js... if it's cutting edge web you'll find Andrew there!

Andrew teaches these topics through his numerous videos and courses through Critical Path Training and Pluralsight. You can check out what he’s currently up to, what's on his mind or where he's speaking on his blog, by following him on Twitter @andrewconnell or subscribe to his cloud-related podcast, the Microsoft Cloud Show.