Rust + SuperCollider via OSC + UDP
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Requires Rust + SuperCollider. Just a quick little example to demonstrate how to pipe commands from SuperCollider to Rust using OSC.

Uses tokio, serde, serde-osc, and some dependent crates.

How to

In Terminal:

git clone
cd osc_server_example
cargo run

...once that's running, do this in SuperCollider:

~addr ="", 6667);
~addr.sendMsg("/freq", 440);
~addr.sendMsg("/freq", 441.1);

You should see "new_freq: 440" and "new_freq: 441.1".

Request for help: OSC Bundles

This particular SC code doesn't seem to work:

~addr ="", 6667);
~addr.sendBundle(0.0, ["/freq", 440.0]);

It throws an error saying that a String was expected instead of a sequence, but I can't tell exactly how that is happening.