An API to retrieve accurate CS:GO prices for high- and low-tier items
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CSGOItemDB is a simple API which allows users to get the prices of CS:GO skins.


Step 1. Clone the repository to your computer or download the files manually.

git clone

Step 2. Edit options.json

    "errors": {
        "missing_params": "missing parameter(s)",
        "invalid_key": "insufficient privileges (unrecognized key)",
        "not_premium": "insufficient privileges (not premium)",
        "unknown_item": "unknown item"
    "backpacktf_key": "BACKPACK.TF API KEY (can be retreived from",
    "update_time": 7200,
    "refresh_interval": 60000,
    "delete_old_interval": 90000

Step 3. Download any missing dependencies

npm install

Step 4. Run the server

node server.js

Step 5. Run the updater

node updater.js