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Andrew's Guide to Steam Bots

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A complete guide to building Steam bots using Node.js.

Table of Contents

(more chapters to come)


Many people in the /r/SteamBot and /r/SteamBotMarket communities have been looking for a complete guide to building Node.js Steam bots, but there really isn't a complete, up-to-date tutorial online anywhere. This guide is here to help out anyone and everyone who wants to learn about creating Steam bots.

When I first started creating Steam bots in the early ages about 2 years ago, it was fairly overwhelming. Trying to piece together different modules in order to form a functioning bot was a real struggle – but I'm looking help save new-comers the struggle of learning the new and modern Steam technologies.

Together, we'll learn how to make bots and connect them to websites in this multi-chapter guide.


In this course, you'll be making a number of mini-projects, which will all come together to create the final website. Eventually we'll end up with a site which can be used to make profit by selling and buying TF2 or CS:GO skins, similar to


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