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.NET 3.5


  1. Copy the DLLs to your site's bin directory.
  2. Copy the CassetteConfiguration.cs.pp file to your project and remove the pp extension. Change your namespace.
  3. Add the HTTP module and handlers from web.config.fx35.transform if they don't already exist to your root web.config

For MVC2, modify your ~/Views/web.config and add the Cassette.Views namespace (from web.config.mvc2.transform).


This is a temporary installation procedure for .NET 3.5 users until Nuget supports targeted dependencies. Want it faster? Vote for it!


  • Cassette is returning HTTP 404 for URLs and when browsing to _cassette.

Make sure you have a reference to System.Web.Routing and your web.config has the UrlRoutingModule and handler specified. This is configured already for MVC2 applications but may not be for Web Forms applications. For reference, see:

  • It still doesn't seem to find my bundles.

Make sure runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests is set to true for your web.config system.webServer/httpModules element.

  • Cassette is not processing my SASS files.

SASS is only supported in .NET 4.