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The web application csproj file has been modified to execute the Bundle target.
So after a build, the Cassette bundles will be saved into a cache directory.
<Project xmlns="">
<UsingTask AssemblyFile="$(OutputPath)\Cassette.MSBuild.dll" TaskName="CreateBundles"/>
<Target Name="Bundle">
<CreateBundles />
CreateBundles has the following optional properties:
Source: The root directory of the web application.
Bin: The directory containing the web application assemblies. Default is "bin".
Output: The directory to save the created bundles to. Default is "cassette-cache".
AppVirtualPath: The web application's virtual path. Default is "/".
IncludeOtherFiles: When true, non-bundled files such as images referenced by stylesheets are also copied to the output directory. Default is false.
The Web.config must also have the following section:
<cassette cacheDirectory="cassette-cache" />