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Service References/SearchService

Reagarding the Domain

For the most part, this code has simply been carried forward fomr Project Silk.

The only significantly new part is BingMapService and the corresponding MockMapService. These classes are meant to provide a façade for accesing the actual Bing services. Refer to the MileageStats.Web.Controllers.GeoLocationController to see how this service is consumed.

### Contracts

These are various interfaces that are used throughout the application. Many of these interfaces are from the legacy application.

Of particular interest though are:

  • ICreateFillupEntryCommand
  • ICreateReminderCommand
  • ICreateVehicleCommand

    These three interfaces allow the domain to define the data necessary for creating fillups, reminders, and vehicles respectively. In turn, these interfaces are implemented as form models. By form model, we mean a view model that is meant to represent incoming data for a controller action. See Project Silk's Chapter 11: Server-Side Implementation for more information on this topic.


    These classes represent the core behavior of the application. They are composed and coordniated by the controllers. They are not the primary focus of this guidance and are not necessarily representative of best practices.


    If the handler classes are the verbs, the the model classes are the nouns. These are the core data structures used in the application. Since many of these were carried forward from the legacy application, they bare the vestiges of using the Entity Framework. Likewise, there are a few notable perculiariaties such as the various reminder models. These are holdovers from the legacy application originally having three sets of models:

  • entity models that merely held the data loaded by the O/RM

  • domain models that embodied the behavior associated with the data
  • view models that contained presentation logic and sometimes additional validation

    Overall, the models are not the primary focus of this guidance and should not be considered a demonstration of best practices.