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1.1.4 (2017-7-6)

Bug Fixes
  • images: processed all images and optimized with imgOpt (33234973)
  • illustration: optimized illustration images (669bf911)

1.1.3 (2017-6-21)

New Features
  • 404: content adjustment to 404 page (9512831f)
Bug Fixes
  • design: corrects typo on design page (529fe545)

1.1.2 (2017-6-16)

Documentation Changes
  • about: adds details about site files, adds *.un~ to gitignore (8a89c8e6)

1.1.1 (2017-6-15)

Bug Fixes
  • package:
    • and...let's try saving the file this time. Well played. (24820473)
    • of course the script wouldn't know my git add all alias. Duh. (fa4b1a8f)
    • testing adding the build into release script (117df082)
  • build-script: adds build add and commit to chain (671ba4b1)

1.1.0 (2017-6-15)

  • build: new build (06af8cbb)
New Features
  • 404: adds some not found content yay (6f1ecaa9)
  • changelog: adds ye olde automated changelog. Because automated. Too much Factorio also probably... (87440546)
  • about:
    • adds some more fun content (a206c611)
    • updates about page content (ee9376f5)
  • design:
    • adds some better more current screens to design/dev section (346bf33d)
    • updating design content (8517de68)
  • pages: adds more content and document IE11 polyfill (08bb57b8)
  • len:
    • adds content about inktober and len (acc305c5)
    • testing instagram embed... (54104a7d)
  • features: updates feature project styles (48528a73)
  • dribble: adds dribbble link to the social buttons, reuilt (2f53975c)
  • photo: new profile signature image (a13823ed)
Bug Fixes
  • about: corrects log-footer asset path (bca5da56)
  • wrapper: overflow was expanding site which = fail. fixed. (ad493a24)
  • articles: fixes img path...I think (8cab12db)
  • links:
    • still trying to sort out the react router pathing and link prefixing... (1b120f6a)
    • trying to sort out the proper link pathing for the gitpages domain (34ebb7f5)
    • updates link prefixes (ca16bb71)