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AWS Infrastructure as Code workshop

This is a workshop being presented at conferences.


Introduction to AWS and Infrastructure as Code - Ohio LinuxFest 2019 professional training


There are multiple branches for the Infrastructure as Code workshop that contain templates for creating a simple Auto Scaling Group and Load Balancer in various states of completion.

  • iac-start: Template with parameters and outline
  • iac-iam: IAM Role/Profile
  • iac-sg: IAM, Security Groups
  • iac-alb: IAM, Security Groups and ALB/Target Group/Listener
  • iac-solutions: Complete template


Clone the infrastructure as code repository:

Familiarity with the following will be helpful:

  • Using the command line
  • Cloud computing fundementals (virtual machines, load balancers, networking concepts)
  • Basic Linux knowledge - the session can be completed using Windows/MacOS/Linux, but the servers created will run Linux.

AWS Accounts will be provided for the labs.




  • Python cfn-lint package - pip install -U cfn-lint
  • Text editor plugins for CloudFormation and Terraform
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