Final project repository for COGS 108: Data Science in Practice taught Winter 2018 at UCSD
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The Numbers of Music: Using the Billboard Hot 100 to Analyze Trends in the Industry

By Zachary Gutierrez, Nate Browne, Andrew Nguyen, Erin Drury, Tyler Tran, and Churro Chong


This repository contains all of the relevant files for our COGS 108 final project at UCSD for Winter 2018. The project is contained inside of the FinalProject.ipynb file, and can be downloaded and opened using Jupyter.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are discouraged, since this repository will be left in its turn-in state. However, if you'd like to fork the repository and try some of it out on your own by downloading your own data from the charts using the provided Python scripts or by running different tests with our data that we provide, feel free!